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Looking to invest in real estate but not sure where to start?

Our company offers a range of properties that meet our strict criteria for location and condition, allowing clients to select the property that best suits their investment goals.

What is it that we as StrongGrowth do?

We handle everything, from finding the ideal property, verifying its titles, drafting the contract, and managing the renovation and furnishing. Our commitment to your satisfaction goes beyond the purchase, as we offer insurance coverage against any risks for the first seven years of our collaboration. Furthermore, we offer guaranteed returns on your investment, supported by an advance payment on an annual basis

Return of investment

In seven years, your investment will have a performance of around 56%, while at the same time you will have invested in the real estate market

56% + Property value

Your investment will also benefit from the increase of the commercial value. There has always been a great upward trend in real estate market.

We got everything covered

Choose our services and we will make your property acquisition process simple, effortless, and profitable. Be care free, we do it all for you


Plus property value Growth

We optimize your investment in comparison to conventional investment methods, such as bank deposits and investment programs.

The where

You can choose your preferred location for the property. Our company offers a range of properties that meet our strict criteria for location and condition

The how

You can select your preferred style of furnishing for the property, and if you desire, the property can be fully renovated to your specifications at the end of the agreed period

The who

The property belongs to you, should you choose to end your collaboration with our company, you may do so at any time you wish

The when

You may opt to stay in the property for a designated period, which will be agreed upon after being duly informed and a mutual agreement